Hot Springs Healing Waters

I love water but I usually prefer large bodies of it, so when my girlfriends and I planned a girls getaway to Hot Springs Arkansas, I was excited to visit a new place but I was more excited for the chance to spend time with my besties.

I’m not sure why I didn’t realize just how special this place would be. This was more than just a touristy destination. People had been coming to this location to receive healing for hundreds of years or more.

 A whole town centered around water, drinking water, appreciation of water, and healing. Ozark mountains, hiking trials, waterfalls, crystals, stones, family oriented, a special energy, acknowledgment of history, and recognition of indigenous peoples.

 The water flows freely from numerous natural springs in the downtown/National Park area. Yes, you read that right. Downtown Hot Springs is in a National Park, at least partially. One side of the street is filled with small boutiques, shops, and eateries while the other contains massive stone bathhouses that look like Victorian mansions.

Many of the historic bathhouses still stand, some converted to house restaurants and other businesses that rent the space from the National Park. A few bathhouses still operate as they did when they were first built. They still use the original baths, showers, and steam boxes.

Yes, Drink The Water

I recently got a new water filter. It is the best water filter I have ever had and I didn’t really know if it would make a difference.  My water filter is a WaterDrop TSC undersink filter and it filters out chlorine, lead, fluoride and more from my tap water.

FYI, I’m sure there are better water filters out there but recently the price dropped on the TSC! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this filter!

After having it for a little over 2 months, I became a water snob. My filtered water was so great that no other water could compare. The taste of most bottled water was terrible and even the best water sources I had used before were not up to par. My filtered water is amazingly clean, pure, odorless, and tasteless. The purer the water, the easier it is to drink more and drink easily.

I ended up getting this one!

With this in mind, I was a little worried about going on a trip where I wouldn’t have access to my filtered water. I was even contemplating buying a large water cooler jug so I could bring my own water with me on the trip. But, since Hot Springs is known for its water, I decided against it. Instead, I just packed three of my water bottles with Water Trackerz.

When we arrived at the hotel, my mind was on my water. I loaded my purse with my full reusable water bottle plus two extra bottled waters. I was so used to having to make sure that I carried enough water with me wherever I was going.

However, when we reached the hotel lobby, I was shocked when I saw that there was a faucet to the natural spring water right in the wall of the lobby. Not a fountain, a faucet.

The concept was so foreign, it was hard for my brain to fully accept. I was also a little skeptical. Would this water really be good enough to drink? Was it full of minerals that would give it a bad taste?

I decided to go for it. I filled my bottle with the slightly warm spring water from the tap and drank.

I was elated. It was the purest water I’ve ever had. It had absolutely no taste other than pure water. It also had a smooth quality that made it easy to drink and just keep drinking. I felt like I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe it. Even overly warm, this water was fantastic!

Over the coming weeks I will share more of this amazing experience and how it strengthened my connection with water, with nature, and with myself.

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