My Life Invented

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Welcome to the Journey!

I’ve always been blessed with lots of ideas and I’m ready to bring those ideas into the world. Everything I create is meant to make you feel truly awesome, provide inspiration, or see something inside yourself that you didn’t know was there. The goal is to bring perfection into the world through an item that has its time and place in your life, to be exactly what you need, when you need it.



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Things to Come


I can’t wait to share all of my creations with you!!! Each one is created with my superpower – inventing things! What is your superpower?


Are you ready to invent your life? You already are in every moment! Can I help you reach your goals faster?


I call forth surprises in my life everyday and so can you! Who knows what I will do next!? More importantly, what will YOU do next?

My Life Invented

Big Picture Approach

Take back your Health

Embrace food knowledge
Overcome resistance
Create new food beliefs
How to get started

Take back your Self

How to find your self
Make room for your self
Discover your gifts
Find your purpose


Connect with your Creativity

Understanding creativity
How to become creative
Achieve creative spillover
Enjoy creative synergy

Become the Inventor

Finding direction
How to take action
Overcome fear
Challenge everything


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