100+ Artist Dates for Introverts

If you are on this page, you are probably reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and you have reached the chapter on artist dates.

You desperately want to give the book your full effort, and artist dates sound like a good idea, but you can only think of one or two things to do – because you are an introvert and doing things that other’s find fun is not your cup of tea. 

I’m several chapters into the book and I’ve failed at artist dates. I thought the ideas would just come to me. I even searched Youtube to find ideas but saw ideas mostly for extroverts. There were a few videos for introverts but trying to watch them was ….. mind numbing. I just couldn’t get into it.

Then there was the second guessing. Thinking, “Does this count?” “What do I think is fun?” “Does an artist date have to be fun?” “If it’s not fun, wouldn’t it not count anyway?” Every time I tired to come up with ideas, these thoughts would swirl in my head.

Now, I’m resorting to ChatGPT and sharing the list here for perpetuity. I’m sure I will refer to this list often because The Artist’s Way isn’t just a book of instructions for blocked artists. It is a lifestyle change.

The list is organized based on types of activities or where they take place. Use this list to skip to the section you feel you would like to explore.


Enjoy the nature

Not at Home But Still Alone

Being alone isn’t a bad thing for an introvert. In fact, it is preferred and considered an essential need, just like eating or sleeping. For those with some chronic health conditions, leaving the house can be taxing. Most of the ideas in this list can be done right at home, but here are some classic artist dates that are true to the original idea of what an artist date is supposed to be as described by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. Keep in mind, artists dates don’t have to be expensive. You can spend as little or as much as you would like.

Museum – Go to a museum and bring your journal or sketchbook

Garden – Visit a botanical garden or park

Bookstore – Browse your favorite section of books

Local Festival or Art Fair – Enjoy something good to eat and view

Thrift Store – Look for  a small treasure

Cafe – Take your journal or sketchbook with you and try to create something while at a Cafe


Home Design

Home Design may not be the easiest place to start but it can be fun! The list is in order from the largest most difficult project to the smallest/easiest.

DIY Home Renovation – Take on a small home renovation project like painting walls.

Redecorate – Redecorate a room in your home with new décor and/or furnishings.

Home Decor Project  – Do a DIY home décor project like painting furniture or making wall art.

Rearrange – Refresh your living space by rearranging furniture.

vintage old lock and keys

Digital Fun

These are ideas of some fun things you can easily do online.

Video Game – Play a new video game or rediscover an old favorite.

Language Learning – Find a fun new language learning app or website to practice a new language.

Online Board Game – Play your favorite childhood board game online.

Virtual Escape Room – Participate in a virtual escape room challenge.

Virtual Museum Tour – Take a virtual tour of famous museums and art galleries around the world.

Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt – Participate in a virtual scavenger hunt in  a museums’ online collection.

Virtual Museum Workshop – Participate in virtual workshops or talks hosted by museums.

Art Supply Shopping – Treat yourself to a trip to an art supply website.

Online Art Class – Take an online art class to learn a new technique or skill from the comfort of your home.

Online Dance Class – Take an online dance class to learn new dance styles or routines.

Non-Digital Fun

Here are some unique non-digital activities that you may not have thought of before.

Indoor Picnic – Lay out a picnic blanket in the living room and enjoy a picnic-style meal indoors.

Stargazing – Spend an evening stargazing and sketching the constellations.

DIY Spa Day – Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at home.

Home Science Experiments – Conduct simple science experiments using household items.

Indoor Camping – Set up a tent or fort indoors and have a camping experience with snacks.

DIY Fashion Show – Have a fashion show at home with outfits created from your wardrobe.

DIY Mini Golf – Set up a mini golf course using household items.

spoons with spices teas and dried flowers


If cooking isn’t your cup of tea, these ideas may not be for you. But this does make them sound fun.

Creative Cooking – Experiment with cooking or baking a new recipe, focusing on presentation and plating.

Herbal Tea Blending – Blend your own herbal teas using dried herbs and flowers.

Baking Challenge – Bake a desert and decorate it.

Virtual Cooking Class – Take a virtual cooking class to learn new recipes and cooking techniques.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden – Start an indoor herb garden and use fresh herbs in your cooking.

Virtual Wine Tasting – Join a virtual wine tasting event.

Recipe Exchange – Exchange recipes with a friend and try cooking each other’s dishes.

zen garden with sand rocks and plants


If you don’t spend much time around plants, here are some nice ideas to get you started with something new.

Indoor Plant Care – Spend time tending to your indoor plants, pruning, re-potting, and nurturing them.

Zen Garden – Create a miniature zen garden using sand, rocks, and small plants.

Nature Mandalas – Create a mandala using natural materials like leaves, flowers, and stones.

woman behind camera lens


Photography can help you slow down and see the world differently. These are some easy, excellent candidates for artist dates.

Photography Walk – Capture interesting sights around your neighborhood or a nearby town.

Abstract Photography – Experiment with abstract photography techniques, focusing on light, texture, and composition.

Self-Portrait Photography – Take self-portraits that reflect different aspects of your personality and identity.

Map Making – Create a photo collection of places that hold significance or meaning to you.

DIY Music Videos – Create music videos for your favorite songs using home video editing software.

Moving Making – Create your own short film or home movies with a smartphone or camera.


piano keys


Artist dates are about treating yourself to something new or old. Anything you enjoy can be turned into an artist date.

Music Appreciation – Listen to a new album or explore a genre of music you’re not familiar with.

 Digital Music Production – Explore music production software and create your own compositions.

Playlist Creation – Curate playlists of music that inspire your creativity and artistic process.

Nature Sound Recording -Record sounds from nature and use them as inspiration for music or soundscapes.

Online Music Concert – Attend a live music concert streaming online from the comfort of your home.

Karaoke Night – Sing your heart out with karaoke using a karaoke machine or online apps.

Music Jam Session – Play musical instruments 

popcorn movie tickets straws and directors cut board on pink background


I’m still debating whether or not watching videos counts as an artist date. For introverts, I’m leaning toward yes for several reasons. TV has always been my window to the world. Just like reading a book, I can travel, have vicarious experiences, learning new things, and get inspired, all from the comfort of my own home. However, I think Julia Cameron may disagree. So I would use these ideas minimally.

Film Marathon -Watch a series of art-house films or documentaries about artists for inspiration.

Poetry Slam – Attend a poetry slam event or watch recordings online for inspiration.

Art Documentary – Watch a series of art documentaries to learn about different artists and art movements.

Art Podcast – Listen to art-related podcasts while sketching or working on art projects.

Stand-Up Comedy – Watch stand-up comedy specials or live streams online for laughs

DIY Home Movie Theater – Set up a home movie theater with popcorn and blankets for a cozy movie night.

meditation walking


If done in the following ways, even meditation can make an artist date.

Creative Visualization – Practice creative visualization techniques to imagine and manifest your artistic goals.

Forest Bathing – Spend time in a forest, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature for inspiration.

Vision Walk – Take a walk and focus on noticing the beauty in everyday objects and scenes.

Artistic Playlist Yoga – Practice yoga while listening to music that inspires your creativity.


calligraphy pen and words written on page


If your are a blocked writer, you may want to save these for later or dive right in. The choice is yours.

Letter Writing – Write letters to friends or family members, decorating them with illustrations or calligraphy.

Calligraphy – Practice your calligraphy skills with different pens and papers.

Nature Poetry – Find a quiet spot in nature and write poetry inspired by your surroundings.

 Short Story – Write short stories or narratives inspired by your imagination.

Haiku – Write haiku poetry inspired by nature, emotions, or everyday experiences.

Tarot Story – Use tarot cards as prompts for creative writing.

Vision Board – Create vision boards using words, and symbols that represent your artistic aspirations.

Vision Quest – Document your thoughts and experiences during a day-long artistic vision quest.

Mind Map – Create mind maps to brainstorm ideas and concepts for your art.

Blogging – Start a blog or write a blog post.

colorful books on shelves


This is another touchy subject. Does reading count as an artist date? If you have deprived yourself of reading for a long time, I would say that reading counts. Reading may be the inspiration you need to get creative.

Poetry by Candlelight – Read poetry by candlelight for a cozy and introspective atmosphere.

Graphic Novel – Dive into a graphic novel or comic book series.

Art Theory – Dive into books on art theory and criticism to deepen your understanding of art.

Reading Marathon – Dive into a good book or start a book club with friends.

Virtual Book Club – Start or join a virtual book club to discuss books with others.

collage vision board of going to paris

Collage Making

Collage making can be fun and relaxing. Use these prompts to get started.

Art Journal Collage – Start a collage art journal where you can express your thoughts and feelings.

Digital Collage – Create digital collages using photographs and graphic design software.

Vision Board – Create a vision board filled with images and words that inspire your artistic goals.

Memory Collage – Create a collage using old photos and mementos to capture memories.

Artist Trading Collage Cards – Create small works of collage art on cards to trade with others.

Collage Tarot Cards – Use tarot cards as prompts for creative collage-making.

Collage Map – Create personalized maps of places that hold significance or meaning to you.

Collage Mind Map – Create symbolic collage mind maps to brainstorm ideas and concepts for your art.

Mixed Media Collage – Experiment with combining different art mediums like paint, collage, and ink.

Scrapbooking – Create scrapbooks with photos, memorabilia, and decorative materials.

drawing art journal

Drawing and Painting

Even if your block is with drawing and painting, these ideas are variable enough to get you focused and outside of your routine. Keep and open mind and explore. Let yourself make ‘bad art’. In fact, make it the goal. Take the pressure away and let yourself draw and paint like a kid again.

Nature Sketching – Take a sketchbook and pencils to a nearby park or nature reserve and sketch the scenery.

Watercolor Painting – Experiment with watercolor painting techniques at home.

Zen Doodle – Practice zen doodling as a form of meditation and creative expression.

Digital Drawing Challenges – Participate in online drawing challenges or prompts.

Marbling Art – Experiment with marbling techniques using paint or ink on paper.

Sketching Architecture – Explore your city or town and sketch interesting architectural details.

Illustrated Journaling – Keep a journal where you combine written entries with illustrations and sketches.

Abstract Painting – Let go of expectations and paint intuitively, focusing on colors and textures.

Tarot Card Creation – Design your own set of tarot cards based on personal symbolism and imagery.

Digital Art – Sketch digitally using a tablet or graphic design software like Procreate or Adobe Photoshop.

Mindfulness Coloring – Spend time coloring intricate adult coloring books as a form of relaxation.

Paint by Number – Buy a paint by number online and enjoy filling in the numbers.

Mandala Creation – Create mandalas as a meditative practice, focusing on symmetry and pattern.

Artist Trading Cards – Create small works of art on cards to trade with other artists.

Illustrated Vision Board – Create vision boards using images, words, and symbols that represent your artistic aspirations.

Nature Printing – Make prints using objects found in nature like leaves, flowers, and shells.

Illustrated Map Making – Create personalized maps of places that hold significance or meaning to you.

Self-Portraits – Explore different ways of representing yourself through self-portraiture.

Illustrated Mind Mapping – Create mind maps to brainstorm ideas and concepts for your art.

Illustrated Affirmation – Write and illustrate affirmations to support and encourage your artistic practice.

Digital Color Apps – Use coloring apps on your phone or tablet for on-the-go relaxation and creativity.

craft soap making


Crafting involves some monetary investment but it’s worth it if you find something you really enjoy. Try to spend the minimum to get started. It may be useful to attend a class where they have the tools and supplies readily available to you.

Embroidery or Cross Stitch -Start a new embroidery or cross-stitch project.

 Knitting – Learn to knit a simple project.

Sculpture – Try sculpting with clay, wire, or found objects.

Quilting – Start a quilting or patchwork project, creating beautiful designs with fabric scraps.

Dreamcatcher Craft – Make your own dreamcatcher using hoops, feathers, and beads.

Pottery – Try your hand at pottery using air-dry clay or a pottery wheel.

Puzzle Making -Design your own puzzles using photos or artwork and share them with friends or family.

Candle Making – Make your own candles, experimenting with colors, scents, and shapes.

Natural Dyeing – Experiment with dyeing fabric or yarn using natural materials like plants and flowers.

Printmaking – Try different printmaking techniques like linocut, monoprint, or screen printing.

Nature Craft – Collect natural materials like leaves, sticks, and stones to create art and crafts.

DIY Bird Feeder – Make homemade bird feeders and watch birds from your window.

DIY Home Spa Products – Make your own bath bombs, scrubs, and face masks for a spa day at home.

Finding your Fun Again

I’m still not sure if all of these ideas “count” as artist dates but someone did! That’s why ChatGPT located them and added them to the list.

To identify whether or not an activity qualifies as an artist date for you, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is the activity going to be fun? Or could it be fun for me?

2. Is it something that is outside of my normal routine?

If the answer is yes, then I think it should count as an artist date. According to Cameron, you should be doing at least one artist date per week as you follow the schedule provided in the book.

As you proceed from week to week, you should find that you are picking up new hobbies and beginning to incorporate things into your life that you seem to have forgotten years ago. Life becomes more full.

 Although artist dates are meant to get you out of the house and away from familiar things and routines, for introverts and those with chronic issues, getting out of the house isn’t always the best thing. Conserving energy and getting the most out of all effort we take is our number one priority and our health depends on it. At the same time, participation in activities and things we enjoy is vital. Finding the right balance can be difficult. Thinking of ideas of things to do can also be difficult.

Once I saw chat GPT results of these great ideas for artist dates, I became very excited to try some of them. My next step will be to create a short list of 10 activities I want to try and do one of them this week. There are activities I would like to try from almost every category listed above. I hope you feel the same. Comment below with your story or thoughts! I would love to hear how it went for you.


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