The Tooth Fairy

This story is best told by Ava but I’ll give you the full story.

Ava’s second loose tooth just wouldn’t come out so it had to be pulled by a dentist.

That night, Ava was so excited for the tooth fairy to come.

The tooth fairy had gotten a little carried away with the first tooth and left $10 due to hearsay that the going rate was supposed to be $20 for a first tooth!!!

I tried to tell Ava that her second tooth wouldn’t fetch as much as the first and not to expect $10. Also, since she didn’t pull her own tooth (she was reminded frequently to wiggle it but did not) she probably wouldn’t get as much.

Well, at 7am the next day the tooth fairy finally showed up with $5, still a lot.

The tooth fairy searched and searched for the tooth (it was in a little tooth shaped necklace) but couldn’t find it anywhere!

The tooth fairy knew she couldn’t stick around long. She needed to get out of there fast!

But what was she supposed to do??? There was no tooth! Should the tooth fairy just leave???

The tooth fairy made the quick decision to just leave the money and fly.

I didn’t know what would happen when Ava woke up, but I hoped to go on a tooth retrieval mission later on. Maybe the tooth fell behind the bed. That was the best case scenario.

Wait for it…

When Ava woke up she ran in to see me and was so excited, “Mommy, the tooth fairy came but when she left, the necklace must have slipped out of her hand and fell on the floor!”

The floor! The tooth fairy hadn’t thought to look on the floor!

I was impressed by Ava’s assessment. “Yes, Yes! That must be what happened. She must have dropped it!”

That explained everything! Good job Ava.

I was so relieved that I think I actually believed the story for a second or two.

We went on to talk about what should happen next. Ava thought maybe she should put the tooth back under the pillow. Then when the tooth fairy came back to get it maybe she would leave the rest of the money!

I said no, this must mean you get to keep the tooth now.

She wasn’t fully convinced but she forgot to follow through with her plan so I think the tooth fairy will be off duty for a little while now.

The tooth fairy is going to have to set an alarm next time.

I am always in awe of the her little mind. This isn’t a new phenomenon. I’ve seen her demonstrate reasoning, calculation, and planning since she was around 18 months old, maybe even before. Every time I’m blown away.

This girl. I’m going to need to get her mind occupied on some real world problems to solve before too long!

Did you know that when a child’s adult tooth comes in behind the baby tooth, once the baby tooth is pulled, the adult tooth will usually move forward into the correct place all on its own!

Why am I telling you about the tooth fairy?

It’s the little things that matter.

Ava is a gift I was given. Her presence in my life is a gift and she can bring me all the joy in the world if I let her.

So much of the time I’m too serious. I get stressed out easily. But this world of getting things done is really all in my head. From her point of view it doesn’t exist. She doesn’t understand why I’m so stressed or why I’m trying so hard to make her do things she doesn’t want to do.

When I let her pull me into her world, when I let go of my world, it’s fun! I’m happy. The more I let go, the more fun it gets.

The happiness is there waiting for me. She is waiting on me (waiting pretty patiently considering her age) to join her in the fun.

Whether you have your own little Ava or not, remember to let go, don’t take life so seriously, and have a little fun whenever you can.

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