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The Miraculous Thing that Allowed me to Create Thousands of Dollars to Send to my Favorite Charity

Think about your favorite charity. Now imagine being able to create thousands of dollars that you can give to that charity.

I was given the opportunity to do something absolutely amazing. I started a business selling items on Amazon. This business has truly been a blessing because I have been able to donate 100% of the profits to a charity I felt called to support. They do amazing work and are true superheroes.

How did I do it?


When you truly surrender in prayer the strangest things can occur. A few years ago, I learned about Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit that was created to rescue children from sex trafficking.

It’s something you never want to think about, but I heard the individual rescue stories and about these amazing people who banded together to work with this organization. They were ex-military, special forces, police, and more. They all joined to work with this group because together they could do what no government could. They could infiltrate the bad guys, rescue innocent children from horrific circumstances, and then turn those bad guys over for prosecution. They also provide aftercare for all of the survivors for as long as it is needed.

I heard about Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) over several months. Some of the stories were almost unbearable. They cut to your soul. I started donating a small amount on a monthly basis. So little, I would never even miss it. But it was consoling to know that I had contributed something. I was doing something.

I didn’t fully understand this before, my daughter, Ava came into my life but having your own children changes your world. Whether they are biologically yours or not doesn’t matter. Once you open your heart to them, and they are in your care, they are yours. You love them fiercely. Their pain is your pain. The pain of any child becomes your pain. That’s why listening to OUR’s stories was so hard for me. Child sex trafficking is a complicated term but it really just means that there is a child somewhere begin tortured by adult humans who are walking around amongst us.

One day after hearing about the rescue of an INFANT who was in aftercare, I had had enough. I prayed, “Lord if you send me the money I will send it to O.U.R.” It was probably the most adamant prayer I had ever sent. Then something miraculous happened.


About a month or so later, out of nowhere, I was contacted with the opportunity to start a business selling on Amazon. The profits would be a considerable percentage of my income at the time.

This was it. I had been ‘sent the money’. Yes, I had to work for it but to me, this was a fun job and a chance to learn something new. I was excited to get started.

Then I faced a personal dilemma. How much should I pay myself? How much of this money should I keep?

I deliberated for several weeks. What to do! This decision was eating me alive! I was so distressed over deciding what was morally right for me in this situation.

Finally, finally, I surrendered. Ahhhhhhh. I prayed, “Lord tell me what to do. What is your will.” And then I waited.

The answer arrived swiftly, joyfully, effortlessly. I prayed for this money to be able to donate it to charity. My prayers were answered. I made a promise. This money doesn’t belong to me! There is no decision to be made.

When I realized this it was incredibly liberating. I felt lighter. A huge weight had been lifted and it’s hard to describe but I felt permanently altered. I was even lighter than before.

Almost immediately, I could look back and see that I had been presented with a test of stewardship. I chose correctly. I had made the correct decision.

More Opportunity

Two weeks later, I was offered a job that wasn’t supposed to be available and paid more than 5x what I would have made if I keep the profits from this business.

This may seem like a crazy coincidence but it’s not the first time that something like this has happened in my life. In fact, the other occasions are even more unlikely, and I would say outright insane, compared to this one.

I’ve actually become very cautious about what I pray for. It can be scary.

Back to Business

All profits after expenses go to support Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) rescue and rehabilitate children from sex trafficking. I do not pay myself anything, and I actually give a little more because I pay the taxes for this business on my personal tax returns.

These products are sold on Amazon, and about a year ago, Amazon changed the rules. New products could no longer be listed under the business name NEXTCraft. Instead they are listed as Generic. I’m now trademarking the name NEXTCraft so that all of the items can be listed together under one store within Amazon. This will make it much easier for customers to find the products. This should produce more profits that can be sent to OUR.

If you would like to purchase products from NEXTCraft, unfortunately there isn’t a very easy way to find all of the items. I’ve featured links to some of the products here. If you would like to see for yourself, try going to Amazon and searching for “NEXTCraft” in the search bar. Or you can get there by clicking on the product links provided here.


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